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UNLESS Contest Flies for 3rd Grade Green Team

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

The 3rd Grade Green Team Committee for the Philadelphia Zoo’s UNLESS Contest attended a field trip at the lab on January 3rd to create posters to encourage more learning about Monarch Butterfly behavior and needs. With pollination needed to grow food, the Monarch is a very important species, as are all pollinators. The use of the digital fabrication tool, die cut machines, and Fab@School software, student designs came to life, and lots of learning took place.

This year's Albert M. Greenfield UNLESS Contest is a student-driven, project-based learning program that empowers K-12 students to take action for endangered wildlife. Over the past seven years, the Zoo has engaged more than 17,000 students from nearly 400 schools in the Delaware Valley region as part of this initiative. The efforts of our participants have reached over 12 million people! Delran Intermediate School has participated in the contest over the past three years.

This year's opportunity to work in the Fab Lab was exciting! Students had the chance to use digital software (Fab@School), paper cutters and their imagination to inspire others. These beautiful posters will be turned into a bulletin board at school. In addition, milkweed seeds are being planted in the greenhouse at DIS to increase the number of butterflies attracted to the area.

The thoughts of the students express it all. Greyson said, "I think I liked the cutter printer how it had the needles that go up and down to make the picture come off the paper." Olivia thought, "I liked how the paper feeds itself into the cutter and you can watch it make your picture." Andrew was surprised, saying "I liked how cool it was when we pressed the button and it went to the cutter by itself without us. I thought we would have to make it do something, but it went from the computer picture we made to the paper"


Additional STEM Family Engagement events for the 19-20 school year are planned to coincide with New Jersey STEM Month in March, as well as with the annual Delran STEM Fair in May.

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