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In 2016, Delran STEM Ecosystem Alliance became one of five New Jersey ecosystems, managed by the NJ STEM Pathways Network. In 2017, we were accepted into the national community of STEM Learning Ecosystems, and we are currently one of 84 internationally recognized groups focusing on networking and partnerships to create a strong STEM workforce.

A collaboration of K-12, higher education, business/industry, and community partners working together, our mantra is  “STEM for ALL,” with a focus on underrepresented populations. The goal is to develop skills in future innovators and creators who will contribute to the economy of New Jersey. 

NJ STEM Pathways Network Informational Flyer

Enhancing STEM learning opportunities for all.


DelranSTEM's aspiration statement and design principles were jointly crafted by a diverse group of ecosystem partners.

Delran STEM Ecosystem Alliance Aspiration Statement

The Delran STEM Ecosystem Alliance (DSEA, or DelranSTEM) provides an integrative, interactive system with a shared vision for developing and growing a sustainable and collaborative STEM community that is characterized by proactive and passionate thinking while providing all Delran learners equitable access to high-quality STEM learning and work opportunities. 


Design Principles:

  1. Align DSEA partners, including industry, family, Pre-K-12, government, out of school and higher education partners, to ensure access to high-quality, fun, arts inclusive, outcomes based in and out of school STEM opportunities for all.

  2. Develop socially responsible, active thinking, and hands-on learners capable of solving problems for success in a lifetime.

  3. Provide access to mentors, role models, and social experiences that will foster ownership of STEM learning and challenge learners to become independent thinkers, both in and out of school.

  4. Collaborate, with equal agency, across a diverse, inclusive set of stakeholders within the Delran community to assure value and active participation of all DSEA members.

  5. Include iteration in STEM learning to breed creative thinking, as well as the design process of the DSEA.  

  6. Provide tools, resources, and professional development for educators. 

  7. All members of the DSEA are responsible for funding to support a high functioning Delran STEM Ecosystem Alliance.

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