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Delran Schools Celebrate the Annual Hour of Code


Delran's 3,100 K-12 students will complete an hour of code, in honor of Admiral Grace Hopper, during the week of December 14th-18th, 2020.   To see all the exciting opportunities for our students, go to the following Google link.  Delran Schools promote coding at every level of our district, and that includes our annual Hour of Code week!

Did you know that less than half of all high schools in the U.S. teach CS, with access being lowest for students from rural areas, economically disadvantaged backgrounds, and marginalized racial and ethnic groups underrepresented in computer science? While diversity within classrooms has increased, it’s clear that work is still far from done. Read more about these findings on’s blog. In a year full of unexpected events, one thing is for certain - it is more important than ever to learn computer science and technologies like AI (artificial intelligence) to help build the society we want to live in. Please join all Delran students for the Hour of Code this year to continue the conversation with your students on #CSforGood.

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