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Delran Township Schools Green Teams

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All four of Delran Township Schools are involved in the Sustainable Jersey for Schools program, including achievement of Bronze level certification status.  This means that experts in the fields of sustainability matters (people, planet and prosperity) have approved actionable points to our school teams for their work surrounding real world issues.


In the 2014-2015 inaugural year of the program, Millbridge Elementary School became one of 59 schools in the state to achieve the honor.  The following year, Delran High School also became a certified school.  In 2016-2017, both Delran Intermediate School and Delran Middle School also became certified. It was that year that the New Jersey School Boards Convening awarded Delran Township Schools with the Green Team Collaboration Award, for the work the schools was completing with the Delran Municipal Green Team.

The district incorporates these standards into it's mission.  If we can make healthy choices, and save money by doing things smarter, in the end, our students, community and planet benefit.  In the 2016-2017 school year, Sustainability Project Managers, two teachers at each school, were supported financially by the Board of Education to help organize our students to participate in educational opportunities and expand their learning of real world problems, giving them options to educate the public.  Through the Energy Savings Improvement Plan, awarded to Schneider Electric, our greenhouse gas emissions have been cut in half!  


To learn more about delran's green teams, visit:

  • Click on "participating schools"

  • Scroll to Delran High School, Delran Middle School, Delran Intermediate School and Millbridge Elementary School to see their individual reports

To see the latest of the four District Green Team meetings we have each school year, inclusive of Delran Township's Municipal Green Team, click the on the linked image below:


Oct 2 2023 Green Team Presentation.JPG
District Green Team Meeting Photo 10 3 22.JPG

Check out some highlights from our work in Delran
(All images are linked to presentations!)

Environmental stewardship and Climate Change standards are integral in our programming in the district. One TERRIFIC example of curriculum infusion and digital technology can be found in this website, developed in a Delran High School, College Prep Environmental Science course, by Mya Kennedy and Allision Desiderio:

  • Home page

  • Mission statment

  • Importance of the changes

  • Public Service Announcement 

  • An original song created by the team

Click on the link in the image below to see the full presentation

Eyes on the Ivory Website.JPG

In the fall of 2021, Delran Middle School was awarded at $25,000 Grant for the purchase of an on site food waste digester system.  The district Green Team, along with the Sustainability Project Managers and Support Services did the following:

  • Food Waste Project Team Created - School and Municipal Green Team members, teachers, students, administrators, Nutriserve, Support Services and local recycling coordinators

  • Conduct 2 Food Waste Audits: Rutgers Food Waste Team does the cafeteria food waste audit.

  • Composter Installation- Purchase & install an onsite system.

  • Education, Policy & Practice Adoption – Adopt best management practices for food waste reduction, recovery and recycling.

Click on the link in the image below to see the full presentation

DMS Composter.png

In recognition of the district's efforts to advance sustainability by undertaking substantial projects in partnership with the local Delran Municipal team, we have won the Collaboration Award twice! 2017 and 2021. We have also presented multiple times around the state and virtually about the teamwork that makes Delran, NJ a wonderful place to live and work.

Green Teams in Delran.png

Delran Intermediate School has added yet another outdoor garden to the community. The garden was dedicated in October 2021, thanks to Sustainability Project Managers, Sharon Kernan and Patrick Myers, and their dedicated Green Teams of 271 students.

DIS SOLACE Garden.png

In June 2019, NJ's First Lady visited Delran Schools in an effort to promote the new Climate Change standards, which will be fully integrated into all curricular areas by Fall 2022.

DIS Green Team visits the Fab Lab to support Monarch Butterfly habitat restoration for the Philadelphia Zoo's UNLESS Contest

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