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Supply Chain in Action: DHS Students Visit Radwell International

On March 20, students from the Supply Chain Management class at Delran High School visited Radwell International in Willingboro, NJ. The students met with Nick Markel, Talent Acquisition Specialist, Andrew Horner, Marketing Manager, and Bill Hahn, Purchasing Director.

Students heard an overview of Radwell: what they do, their history as a company, and the expansive growth that they have had over the past few years. Various career opportunities at Radwell were highlighted, whether that be in supply chain, production, engineering, or any of the various corporate departments that help the company headquarters in NJ function.

Nick Markel, Radwell's Talent Acquisition Specialist, spoke to the students about different paths that they can choose to follow to get into these careers, whether they are coming right out of high school, technical school, or college/universities. He also discussed internship opportunities that they can be a part of at Radwell.

Students heard more in depth about supply chain and why that is important in the world we live in. They heard about how the pandemic affected manufacturing and businesses all over the world and how Radwell pivoted to meet the demands of these companies during a time where stock was limited globally. During the course of the tour, students had the opportunity to view all of the different departments that they heard about during the presentation.

DHS Sophomore Jake Namnun learned that "the schematics and the layout are essential for an efficient and high functioning warehouse."

Students took a tour through Radwell's production floor where all of the testing and repairs are done. They saw the engineering department where they got to see various teams that not only work on our customers’ parts, but also build out the machines, and processes to do so. They very much enjoyed all of the robots driving around the facility. They saw Radwell's warehouse where all of the inventory is managed, and specifically highlighted the automation that we use including the Swiss Log and other robotics.

Sophomore Madelynn Conard shared, "I learned that it is much more efficient to use automated systems in a warehouse. We saw this in action with the Swiss Log system."

The tour concluded with a visit to all of the corporate departments that support the company as a whole, including sales, purchasing, accounting, IT, HR, marketing. The students had great questions throughout and seemed to really enjoy seeing everything in person.

Abby Ferroni, DHS Sophomore shared that "going to the warehouse in person was very important to understand the concepts we are learning in class in more depth. In our most recent project, we learned about the warehouse layout and we got to experience it and see how it worked in real life."

Mr. Repece, the Supply Chain Management teacher expressed how impactful it was for his students to see "the concepts they’ve learned and see them in the real world and what it’s like to put these concepts in action, especially with the Swiss log system. They got to see and hear about variety of different jobs and careers within the company, in addition to supply chain, including tech, repair, finance, marketing, etc."

DelranSTEM is extremely grateful for our partnership with Radwell International, and for the opportunity for students to connect classroom learning to real-world industries and career opportunities.

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