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#STEMbassador Senior Spotlight: Brooke Wachter

Brooke Wachter, DHS Senior and STEM Ambassador, in front of the vinyl cutter in the Delran Innovation & Fabrication Lab.

What made you want to become a STEM Ambassador in the first place?

I volunteered at STEAM camp and absolutely loved the program and what it stood for. When I first stepped into the lab I was very interested in using this new technology. I love learning new things and I wanted to continue working with Mrs.Hutchinson and Mrs. DeMichele.

What has been your biggest learning curve in the lab?

My biggest learning curve would be memorizing all of the steps to each piece of equipment in the order they are executed.

What tool do you like best and why?

I love the vinyl cutter because it is what I am most comfortable using and I love creating different designs for different uses. Right now I am working on a design showing my college that I can put onto a sweatshirt for myself.

How is the lab helping you see potential in your future plans for college or career?

My second major in college is integrative STEM, so having experience with the technology will help me when I go away to school and use them there. Working in the lab has enhanced my opportunity to work with children and teach them how to work the machines. This has helped increase my love for teaching overall.

What has been your biggest success in the lab so far?

My biggest success would be helping teach the Professional Development Laser Cutter course for the teachers in the district. This was my biggest success because I didn't think I was capable of teaching teachers who were more experienced in the field of education. In the end, I showed them how to use the programs and the laser cutter, and gave them ideas of how to implement into their classrooms.

What are you most proud of from your experiences as a STEM Ambassador?

I am most proud of the leadership skills I have learned from this program. Being an ambassador has let me step up and become a leader in the community and help others throughout the lab. I loved working with the high school’s life skills students in the lab and using the paper cutters with them. I felt like a true mentor and I can’t wait for more events just like it.

What are your plans for next year?

I am going to The College of New Jersey next fall. I am going into a five year master's program. I will be dual majoring in deaf and hard of hearing education and integrative STEM.

Delran STEM Ambassadors are Delran High School students selected from applicants because they demonstrated a passion for STEM, and possessed outstanding communication skills. Much like an internship, STEM Ambassadors have participated in rigorous training within the Delran Innovation & Fabrication Lab space. These learning opportunities are not available to most high school students in our country, since the idea of digital fabrication has only begun to grow in the K-12 sector, to meet the needs of Workforce Development. Delran's STEM Ambassadors have experienced and now taught others in computer-aided design software in 2D and 3D, including Corel Draw, FabMakerStudio, Tinkercad, etc. STEM Ambassadors have utilized these digital design skills to fabricate on vinyl cutters, 3D printers, laser cutters and die cut machines. While teaching others, including younger students in community outreach programs, and adults in staff professional development programs, STEM Ambassadors share their expertise with others. We are certain that this platform for intelligent, relevant communication and positive interaction, will encourage our STEM Ambassadors to be at the forefront of the next generation of STEM innovators.

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