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Snapshots from STEAM Camp

by STEMbassador & STEAM Camp Volunteer, Alexis Wachter

Delran's STEAM Camp 2022 has gotten off to a great start! The first week of STEAM Camp was successfully held at Delran High School from July 11th-14th. Students currently in grades 1st-4th, rising 2nd-5th graders, were able to enroll in either just the AM session, just the PM session, or for the full-day. High school students came out to volunteer with the campers, and assist the teachers leading the camp

The morning session consisted of different engineering challenges for each grade level from 8:00am to 11:00am, before breaking for dismissal or lunch. Each grade was provided with a story describing a specific engineering problem, sparking the need for the students to create a solution to help solve the issue at hand. The engineering themes for each grade level apart of Week 1 are as follows:

  • Rising 2nd Graders ~ ENGINEERING APPRENTICE Wee Engineer: Introduction to the Engineering Design Process

  • Rising 3rd Graders ~ MATERIALS ENGINEER Solid as a Rock: Replicating an Artifact

  • Rising 4th Graders ~ AGRICULTURAL ENGINEER The Best of Bugs: Designing Hand Pollinators

  • Rising 5th Graders ~ ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEER Water, Water Everywhere: Designing Water Filters

Students were all introduced to the Engineering Design Process prior to being faced with their engineering challenge. They were then able to follow and apply these steps to their solutions.

“The morning session was a lot of fun! The upcoming second graders got to learn a lot about what engineers do. They were presented with various problems and engineered various designs to solve problems. They made boats, wrecking balls, fans, noise makers, and pillows. We had an incredible time and learned a ton!” - Ms. Bascou, 2nd Grade Teacher at Millbridge

“I loved working with the younger ones because they showed good communication skills when working together. During each challenge they all showed new ways that I wouldn’t have even thought to do. Everyday there was a new challenge and the kids did an outstanding job of having fun when finishing the challenge.” - Elizabeth Rocco, Rising Senior

“In the first week of STEAM Camp, I volunteered in the morning with the 3rd graders. Throughout the week, we learned how to be material engineers dealing with rocks to carve a petroglyph. On the first day, we read a book about sisters named Galia and Natasha, and how they had to work together to reach their goal to find a perfect rock to carve into. Over the next few days, we experimented with cloth like terry, twill, and flannel to see what factors material engineers work with. On the last day, the 3rd graders picked their rocks and carved their petroglyphs by carving a deer into the rock. All the students had fun and learned a lot, and they were so fun and enjoyable to work with!!” - Molly Frith, Rising Sophomore

“I volunteered at the first week of Steam Camp for the full day. This week I worked with the 4th graders on the topic of Agricultural Engineering. We read the book, “Mariana Becomes a Butterfly.” This book taught the campers how plants are able to survive well in their normal habitats. However, when they are brought to new foreign locations, it may be hard for them to survive. We learned that pollination by an insect is a necessary action for a flower to survive. Mariana’s new plant now lacked a pollinator! This problem was fixable. Mariana’s aunt who is an Agricultural Engineer helped her create a hand pollinator. The campers got to make their very own hand pollinator. It was cool to see how everyone’s mind thinks differently. Every creation was unique. It was great to see kids coming together and having fun.” - Maddie Speigel, Rising Junior

“Working with the fifth graders was such an experience to see everyone’s minds come together to try and solve an engineering challenge like true engineers, coming up with multiple solutions. The rising fifth graders were given the theme of environmental engineering, and after reading a story about a young girl trying to clean the water in her town’s river, the students were faced with the challenge of creating their own water filtration system. Students followed the engineering design process before creating their filter, after being faced with budget and time constraints, like true engineers. Even with such obstacles, the students worked lovely together, and were motivated to improve their creations as well!!” - Alexis Wachter, Rising Junior

After lunch, the afternoon session consisted of robotics and coding from 11:45am - 2:45pm, at which kids were dismissed for the day. Students were able to learn about the basic levels of coding, to then advance to building LEGO robots, and program them!!

“In the robotics and coding sessions this week, the campers had an opportunity to rotate amongst twelve stations that varied from coding robots, to creative building to coding computer programs. Applied critical thinking 21st century technology skills to be successful” - Ms. Carey, DHS Math Teacher & STEAM Camp Lead Teacher

“During our afternoon session the campers worked hard in the areas of robotics and coding. The campers worked through several stations in the afternoon in order to practice and learn. Campers are always eager, and excited for our afternoon session.” - Hashim Chaudhry, Rising Junior

We were very pleased with STEAM Camp Week 1, and can’t wait to see what wonderful creations our talented campers continue to come up with in the next three weeks of STEAM Camp!!

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