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Pi: Inspired in Tech Ed Class

Every March 14th, it’s Pi Day again. Is Pi, only about circles?

The formula tells us Pi is the ratio of a circle’s circumference. This is the distance around the circle, represented by the letter C, in relationship to its diameter, the distance across the circle at its widest point, represented by the letter d.

At DMS, Tech Ed students in Mrs. Jill Radwell's class often ponder the mathematics involved in the models they create in their program, using FabMaker Studio to die cut their designs. In celebration of Pi Day this year, students designed their own representations of the formula, making some light bulb moment realizations in the process!

DMS student, Yeshua was very proud that he was able to figure out how to use a string to make any size circle. He then used the string to wrap around the circles to measure the circumference and divided by the diameter to discover Pi. Do you see his astonishment in the third image? That's the practical knowledge, relating math to the design process in action!

Pi designs galore followed, making this Pi Day about more then just the memorization of formulas or the eating of pie :)

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