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Lockheed Martin Women in Engineering Day

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Lockheed Martin Rotary and Mission Systems, located in Moorestown, NJ, hosted their annual Women in Engineering Day on December 6, 2023. The purpose of the event is to engage young women in engineering challenges, expose them to different types of engineering, and provide an overview of the career trajectories of women in various stages of their engineering careers.

Sophomores from Delran High School, who are strong math and science students, were invited to apply if they had an interest in engineering as a potential career, and wanted to find out more about what that career choice might be like.

Delran High School was proud to bring 9 students to this year's Women in Engineering Day, including: Madelynn Conard, Izzy Diehl, Abby Ferroni, Allison Lucuski, Vidhi Patel, Vishwa Patel, Riley Smith, Sena Uslu, and Harper White. DHS Guidance Counselor, Ms. Brittany Cairns, accompanied the students on the trip.

Ms. Cairns and DHS students in the DHS lobby, on December 6, 2023, before departing for the Lockheed Martin Women in Engineering Day trip.

Engineering Activities

This year's participants engaged in three hands-on engineering activities during their visit.

  • Penny Boats - Investigate how side and shape affect how much weight a structure can carry with penny boats. Use a pice of aluminum foil and see how many pennies you can keep afloat.

  • Bridge Building - Can you build a structure out of popsicle sticks, straws, string, or miscellaneous materials? Bridges must be able to hold the most weight. Build bridges and bond with your teams as you compete for the most stable bridge design.

  • Paper Airplaines - Learn the basics of aerodynamics as you design your own paper airplane. Design and test your various designs and compete for the furthest flight.

Women in Engineering Featured Speaker Panelists, and a DHS Alumna

This year's attendees heard from five female engineers, in a panel discussion. The women shared what inspired them to become engineers, their career paths, and what kind of engineering they do. The speakers included Trish Clark, MT Condosta, Marissa DelRocini, Stacy Wyatt, and Christine Petito-Devine.

Our DHS students also had a chance to meet and interact with DHS Alumna and former STEMbassador, Brooke Hennegan (DHS Class of 2020). Brooke is finishing up her co-op internship at Lockheed Martin as she prepares to graduate this month and join Lockheed Martin as a full-time employee in January. After spending time with students from DHS and other area schools on Women in Engineering Day, Brooke shared, "It was super amazing to see a room filled with young women and know that whether they decide to stick with the STEM field or not, I'm inspired by all of them and what the future will look like with them leading!"

DHS Alum Brooke Hennegan speaking with current Delran High School Students at Lockheed Martin Women in Engineering Day 2023

Reflections on the Experience

Delran High School students who attended this year's Women in Engineering Day shared their reflections on the day.

  • "My favorite thing about the trip today was probably all of the activities. They were engaging and fun. I also loved the videos they showed with all of the cool and interesting effects." -Vishwa Patel

  • "My favorite part was being able to learn all the different stories from each engineer throughout the day." - Allison Lucuski

  • "I had an amazing experience with the volunteers and fun activities." - Sena Uslu

  • "My favorite part about Lockheed Martin Women in Engineering day was creating bridges and using our brains as well as our hands to make something out of nothing. Most importantly, I realized how many options of majors for college and jobs fall under the category of engineering. I never really thought I would consider going into any type of engineering but after yesterday I feel as though BioMedical Engineering seems interesting as well as Chemical Engineering. It was nice to see other women who were able to achieve their goals and dreams and help lead us to ours, empowered women empowering women." - Izzy Diehl

  • "The Women in STEM experience at Lockheed Martin was super beneficial for me, especially making it more interesting to pursue a career in STEM. The experience of learning about Women going through all of the struggles to be engineers taught me I can do it too. I would love to do another day there learning even more about engineering." - Abby Ferroni

Below is a gallery of photos provided by Lockheed Martin highlighting the events of the day!

A sincere thank you to Lockheed Martin, from DelranSTEM, for providing our students with a memorable and impactful experience each year, through the Women in Engineering Day program!

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