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Delran Schools Hour of Code Week 2020: 12/14/20-12/18/20

In a year of virtual events galore, Delran's 3,100 students participated in an Hour of Code, an annual event which highlights the importance of coding in our society. Millbridge Students did both a paper/pencil "unplugged" coding activity and had time to play on's Maze Maker Challenge. Delran Intermediate School students combined their unplugged activity, of networking a community and creating emojis. Delran Middle School students learned some self care techniques, like deep breathing exercises, while learning to code a wellness app called Breathing Visual by CodeSpeaks. Finally, Delran High School students created a Public Service Announcement addressing issues related to social justice, determining how computer science is an important way for our creativity as a society to grow!

Did you know? Unfortunately, less than half of all high schools in the U.S. teach CS, with access being lowest for students from rural areas, economically disadvantaged backgrounds, and marginalized racial and ethnic groups underrepresented in computer science. While diversity within classrooms has increased, it’s clear that work is still far from done. Read more about these findings on’s blog. In a year full of unexpected events, one thing is for certain - it is more important than ever to learn computer science and technologies like AI (artificial intelligence) to help build the society we want to live in. Please join all Delran students for the Hour of Code this year to continue the conversation with your students on #CSforGood.

Delran STEM Ecosystem Alliance, and Delran Township Schools, are proud to acknowledge that in the 21st century, computer science is about curing diseases, cleaning oceans, aiming for gender and race equality, and addressing global poverty. Today’s youth will one day create technology to address the world’s problems, but only if given the chance to learn how. Together we can give them the opportunity. Even you can join us in this movement, to give everyone the opportunity to learn computer science and build a brighter future. Go to: to learn more!

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