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Delran's Innovation & Fabrication Lab Courses are Digital Creativity at its BEST

The Delran Innovation & Fabrication Lab opened its doors to students, staff and the community in 2019. Then, the Covid 19 global pandemic hit. Despite closing our lab for a time, we have had a great year of excellent innovation in the space. Check out some of our projects below:

Do It Yourself students were busy in October 2021, repurposing materials for their Vessel Construction

3D printed keychains from October 2021, 3D printed keychains from the Production Design students

Mr. In November, Ornithology Club Advisor, Nate Petitte, shared these unique, laser cut one of a kind, numbered ornaments. These were made to raise money for the club at holidays. The funds raise money for bussing to a Central Park NYC trip!

Also in November 2021, slot construction projects from the Production Design 1 and 2 students were completed. Computer aid design was used to start and fabrication tools to finish.

In November 2021, Engineering Design students were using their geometry to complete isometric drawings, through the skill of drafting. This hands on process allowed them to think in 3D, just as the computer aid design software they used.

By December 2021, the Engineering students took those renderings and used digital fabrication, using 3D printing, to prototype a piece. What was the goal? Design and create a prototype of a working model to ease a storage solution problem. From hand drawn orthographic design, to CAD (computer aid design) to fabrication of their ideas. They turned out even better than they imagined!

In December 2021, Production Design students learned how incredible fabrication tools like laser cutters can be when it comes to defining space. Hand made stencils don’t have the detail or precision to craft the edges and lines to create such perfect works of art. These stencils made some beautiful spray painted creations.

In February 2022, Students in DIY designed two light switch covers using the scroll saw and cordless drill. First, they imagined a theme, then created preliminary drawings to communicate those ideas. Using an existing light switch cover as a template they constructed their final cover, using the techniques from the scroll saw.

In March 2022, DIY students learned the old art of soap making through the use of molds. Do you know how to make soap? Ask a DHS DIY student to show you how!

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